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Women in Korean History
Women in Korean History
Women in Korean History
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Product Description
Author: Lee Bae-yong / tr. by Lee Kyong-hee
Publisher: Ewha Womans University Press
Hardcover | 320 pages

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>>>This book is written in ENGLISH.

About This Book

The Ewha Womans University Press has published an English edition of "Women in Korean History," written by Dr. Lee Bae-yong, a renowned history professor and current president of the university. The book reviews the lives of Korean women from ancient times to the 20th century through in-depth analysis of various customs and institutions related to women as well as brief biographies of women in many fields who distinguished themselves.
The history of women has largely been ignored in the official history of the Korean nation and often distorted under the predominant male-centered patriarchal viewpoints. This book brings to light the significant contributions and achievements of Korean women, which have been hidden or underestimated. From a broad humanitarian perspective, the author looks back on the dynamic and glorious paths trodden by Korean women overcoming feudalistic constraints for over 20 centuries.
This English version, illustrated with rich visual material, is intended to arouse interest in the past lives of Korean women and Korean history and culture in general at home and abroad. Through the wisdom of women from the past the book seeks to create a new history of women for the future, thereby contributing to humanity and civilization.

The book consists of three parts. Part One focuses on the life of Korean women during the Joseon period (1392-1910) in view of the Confucian social systems and institutions, including marriage, property inheritance, gender segregation and chastity. It also sheds light on the lives of queens, court ladies and shamans, among other female professionals, and how they navigated through political and social turmoil.
Part Two traces the lives of great women who left prominent footsteps in history from ancient to medieval and modern times. The brief but well-documented biographical accounts introduce a panoramic glimpse on how women achieved self-realization and contributed to society and the nation despite various restrictions. The remarkable trailblazers include Queen Seondeok and Empress Myeongseong, poet Heo Nanseolheon, painter Rha Hye-suk, pilot Park Gyeong-won and dancer Choe Seung-hui.
Part Three reviews the lives of women through historical records such as "The Annals of the Joseon Dynasty" and "The Memoirs of Lady Hyegyeong." The palaces and the royal ancestral shrine of the Joseon Dynasty, traditionally considered the arenas of men, are revisited with eyes focused on the role of women, how they carved their niches in the male-dominated political scene.

Lee Bae-yong
Lee Bae-yong is currently the President of Ewha Womans University in Seoul, Korea. She received her B.A. (1969) and M.A. (1971) in the field of History from Ewha Womans University, and Ph.D. (1984) in Literature from Sogang University. Since 1985, Dr. Lee has served as a Professor of History at Ewha Womans University. In August 2006, Dr. Lee was appointed as its thirteenth president.
Dr. Lee is a renowned scholar in the field of Korean History and has held various positions including a member of the National Institute of Korean History (2003-present) and President of the Association for the Study of Korean History of Thoughts (2003-2005), President of the Korea Women¡¯s Historical Studies Association (2004-2006), and President of the Choson Dynasty History Association (2005-2007).
Apart from her academic positions, Dr. Lee is also President of Korean Association of Private University Presidents (2008?present), Vice-President of Korean Council for University Education (2008?present) and a Board Member of the Korea Research Foundation (2006-present).
Her publications include A Study on the Mining Industry in Korea During the Japanese Occupation (1989), and History of Korean Social Thought (1996), A New Understanding of Korean History (1997), How Did Korean Women Live? (1999).


Part I Women's Life during the Joseon Dynasty
Chapter 1 Confucianism and Women's Life
Chapter 2 Activities and Roles of Joseon Women
Chapter 3 Diverse Aspects of the Life of Joseon Women
Chapter 4 Women's Life and Role in War and Factional Struggle

Part ¥± Great Women in History
Chapter 5 Women of the Three Kingdoms Period
Chapter 6 Women of the Goryeo Period
Chapter 7 Women of the Joseon Period
Chapter 8 Women of the Modern Period

Part ¥² Historical Records and Sites Related with Women
Chapter 9 Korean Women as Seen Through Historical Records and Sites


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