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[DVD] The X-Files - Season 1 (Region-3 / 7 DVD Set)
[DVD] The X-Files - Season 1 (Region-3 / 7 DVD Set)
[DVD] The X-Files - Season 1 (Region-3 / 7 DVD Set)
Item#: 325230466X
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Product Description
Starring: David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, William B. Davis, Jerry Hardin
Director: David Nutter et al
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Genre: Drama/ Sci-fi (TV)

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This is a multi-unit set and the shipping cost will be adjusted to that of 4 DVDs. To learn more about the shipping cost, please visit our Info Page and look for shipping information.
>>>This DVD is encoded for Region 3 (Southeast Asia & East Asia --- including Korea & Hong Kong). This DVD will NOT be viewable on regular DVD players made in other regions unless they are code-(region-)free DVD players. To learn more about the DVD Region Code,
please visit our Help Page and read Info on DVD Region Code.

About This DVD

This deluxe collection includes the entire first season of the hit television show THE X-FILES, 24 episodes total. Includes such important episodes as the series pilot, in which agents Mulder and Scully meet for the first time; "Deep Throat," in which the duo investigate mysterious government aircraft; "Beyond the Sea," in which Scully's dead father may be trying to communicate with her; and the season finale, "The Erlenmeyer Flask," in which evidence of alien experiments is uncovered. Episodes previously unreleased on video include "Young at Heart" in which Mulder must contend with an old nemesis who seems to have come back from the dead; "Roland," in which a slow-witted janitor seems to be responsible for a series of murders in a jet lab; and many more. Includes interviews with series creator Chris Carter, interactive DVD-Rom material, and other special features. A must for any fan of the series.


0) Pilot
1) Deep Throat
2) Squeeze
3) Conduit
4) The Jersey Devil
5) Shadows
6) Ghost in the Machine
7) Ice
8) Space
9) Fallen Angel
10) Eve
11) Fire
12) Beyond the Sea
13) Genderbender
14) Lazarus
15) Young at Heart
16) E.B.E.
17) Miracle Man
18) Shapes
19) Darkness Falls
20) Tooms
21) Born Again
22) Roland
23) The Erlenmeyer Flask

Audio Format: DD 2.0 Stereo 
Video Format: 4:3 
Languages: English, Korean 
Subtitles: English, Korean, Chinese 
Country Made: Korea 
Region Code: 3 
Year Made:  
Running Time: 1104 
Special Features: - International Clips
- Documentary : The Truth About Season 1
- Chris Carter Talks About Season 1 Episodes
- Behind-the-Truth Segments
- North American TV Spots
- 2 Deleted Scenes from Pilot
- Special Effects Clip from Fallen Angel


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