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Yeoleum Son - Chopin Nocturnes for Piano and Strings (2CD)
Yeoleum Son - Chopin Nocturnes for Piano and Strings (2CD)
Yeoleum Son - Chopin Nocturnes for Piano and Strings (2CD)
Item#: yeoleumchopin
Regular price: $20.79
Sale price: $18.71

Product Description
Performer: Yeoleum Son (Piano), Heilbronn Chamber Orchestra
Production: Universal
Genre: Instrumental
Number of Discs: 2
Audio CD

On This Item

CD 1
1. No. 20 in C sharp minor Op. post: Lento con gran espressione
2. No. 19 in E minor Op. post. 72: Andante
3. No. 4 in F Major Op.15 No.1: Andante cantabile
4. No. 1 in B flat minor Op.9 No.1: Larghetto
5. No. 2 in E flat Major Op.9 No.2: Andante
6. No. 6 in G minor Op.15 No.3: Lento
7. No. 3 in B Major Op.9 No.3: Allegretto
8. No. 5 in F sharp Major Op.15 No.2: Larghetto
9. No. 7 in C sharp minor Op.27 No.1: Larghetto
10. No. 8 in D flat Major Op.27 No.2: Lento sostenuto
11. No. 9 in B Major Op.32 No.1: Andante sostenuto
12. No. 10 in A flat Major Op.32 No.2: Lento

CD 2
1. No. 11 in G minor Op.37 No.1: Andante sostenuto
2. No. 12 in G Major Op.37 No.2: Andantino
3. No. 13 in C minor Op.48 No.1: Lento
4. No. 14 in F sharp minor Op.48 No.2: Andantino
5. No. 15 in F minor Op.55 No.1: Andante
6. No. 16 in E flat Major op.55 No.2: Lento sostenuto
7. No. 17 in B Major Op.62 No.1: Andante
8. No. 18 in E Major Op.62 No.2: Lento
9. No. 21 in C minor Op. post.

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