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Young-Ja,Eiko,Jane's Arirang
Young-Ja,Eiko,Jane's Arirang
Young-Ja,Eiko,Jane's Arirang
Item#: 9791162751497
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Product Description
Title: Young-Ja , Eiko , Jane's Arirang
Korean Title: 영자, 에이코, 제인의 아리랑
Author: Baek Hoon
Publisher: Knowledge and sensitivity#
ISBN : 9791162751497
404 page/ 148*210 mm/ 525g

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

Young-Ja, Who is home to Hamkyong Province, had a rich childhood, but leaves home due to 6.25. He was 10 years old. He leaves his mother behind and follows his father on the final boat of the Heungnam evacuation operation to Geoje Island in the south. They experience severe hunger in refugee camps and Busan.

She later broke up with her father, married a wealthy family, and lived with a woman on an errand, but later she found herself a woman engaged in espionage. Young-Ja was arrested by the police, who, by misbehavior, will serve a seven-month prison term for being classified as a crime of disorder, not espionage.

She worked as an employee at a coffee shop in Gunsan and moved to Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do with a friend I met here. He works for the U.S. military unit and trades dollars. She made a commitment to the future by dating a man, and then She was robbed by an American soldier. Later, She found out that She was pregnant, and She firmly believed that It was the baby of his child. But when baby was born, The baby was a child of the U.S. military.

Young-Ja broke up with her lover, arrested in Japan carry out to smuggle oneself into Japan for the Maritime Police ‘Ōmura camp’ are thrown in jail. She took the opportunity to get out of the camp and will work as a dancer at the Black Rose nightclub in Yokosuka under the name Aiko. He also enrolls in Yamatai University and studies. She meets a Japanese-American military officer at the club and marries him and enters the U.S. Since then, she has been named Jane and has various experiences. At that time, She was selected as the main character of the famous TV program "Queen of Day" and translated into Korean at the U.S. military unit.

Life in the U.S. was stable, but her husband has been to the Vietnam War twice, turning into negative way. carry out an unwanted divorce Jane became a rare female bartender at the time, but when she was working as a bartender, she saved the owner of a pistol. After settling down in San Diego, he opened Club Arirang in downtown and ran it for 30 years.

The novel chronicles the story of the main character's life as Young-Ja, Eiko Jane.

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