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Item#: 9788976461483
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Product Description
Title: Zinul
Korean Title: 지눌
Author: Gungi Kang, Hee Sung Gil, Jae Ryong Shim, Heung Sik Heo, Kee Jong Kwon, Jong Ik Lee, Park Sung Bae, Deok Jin Lee, Ho Sung Kim, Sung Ryeol Choi, Yeonsik Choi, Bang Ryong Kim, In Kyung In
Publisher: Yemoon
ISBN: 9788976461483

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

Table of Contents Publishing '10 People in the History of Korean Thought' 일러두기

Liberation: Yesterday and Today in Zen Studies / Deokjin Lee

Part 1: Understanding the Zinul Zen Thought System

- The Problem of '悟' / Sungbae Park - Zinul's Spiritual Knowledge of Emptiness Seen Through the Mystery Paradox / Kang Gun-ki - The Structure of Zen Thought / Hee Sung Gil- The Hermeneutics of the Mind / Inkyung

Part 2: The Don'o and the Score in Zen Thought

- A New Interpretation of the Don'o Scores / Ho Sung Kim - Did the Buddhist monk deny proofs? / Park Sung-bae - The Implications of Don'o in Zen Thought

Part 3: The Functional Relationship between Jinnul Zen Thought and Ganhua Zen

- A Study of Hye-shim's Zen Thought / Kwon Ki-jong - Reflections on Ganhua Zen's 'Guzha Infallibility' / Deokjin Lee

Part 4 The Doctrinal Basis of Jinnul Zen Thought

- Understanding Zinul's Theory of the Supreme Being / Sung-ryeol Choi - Zinul's "One-Doneness Buddhism" / Jae-ryong Shim

Part 5 Bibliographical Reflections on the Thought of Zen Master Zinul

- An Overview of the Thought of Ch'o Ch'an-sul and its Bibliographical Reflections / Lee Jong-ik - Approaches to the Yibon and Takbon of the Bojoguksa Inscriptions / Heo, Heung-Sik - A Reconsideration of the Authorship of the 『真心直說』 / Yeonsik Choi - Reflections on the Authorship of the Book of Truthfulness / Bang-ryong Kim

附錄 List of Jinnul related works 수록 논문 원게재지 필진 소개

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