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Darakwon Korean Readers - The Story of Jeon Woo-chi
Darakwon Korean Readers - The Story of Jeon Woo-chi
Darakwon Korean Readers - The Story of Jeon Woo-chi
Item#: 9788927733010
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Product Description
Author: Yu mi Kim
Publisher: Darakwon

- The Story of Sim Cheong
The Story of Kongjwi and Patjwi
The Story of Heungbu
The Story of Hong Gildong
The Story of the Rabbit
The Story of Jeon Woo-chi
The Story of Chunhyang

About This Book

Adapted from a classic Korean novel, readers will learn essential intermediate vocabulary and expressions as they enjoy watching Jeon Woo-chi help those in need and punish those in power. The book also provides contextualized explanations to help readers understand the culture of the time."

목차 Table of Contents;
머리말 Preface 2
일러두기 How to Use This Book 4
작품 소개 Introduction to the Story 6
등장인물 Characters 10

1 지혜로운 전우치 Jeon Woo-chi the Wise 11
2 병 속의 전우치 Jeon Woo-chi in the Bottle 17
3 거울 속의 전우치 Jeon Woo-chi in the Mirror 23
4 전우치, 자신을 무시하는 사람들을 혼내 주다
Jeon Woo-chi Teaches a Lesson to People who Look Down on Him 26
5 전우치가 준 신비한 그림 A Remarkable Picture Jeon Woo-chi Gives Away 30
6 전우치, 산적들의 두목과 싸워서 이기다
Jeon Woo-chi Fights Leader of the Bandits, and Wins 36
7 전우치, 누명을 쓰다 Jeon Woo-chi Is Framed 43
8 전우치, 특별한 경험을 하다 Jeon Woo-chi Has a Special Experience 49
9 전우치, 서화담을 만나다 Jeon Woo-chi Meets Seo Hwa-dam 54

부록 Appendix
내용 이해하기 Reading Comprehension 62
모범 답안 Answers 82
본문 번역 Text Translations 84

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