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Donguibogam Part 2 : External Bodily Elements
Donguibogam Part 2 : External Bodily Elements
Donguibogam Part 2 : External Bodily Elements
Item#: 9791129016270
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Product Description
Donguibogam Part 2 : External Bodily Elemets
Author: Heo Jun
Publisher: JinHan M&B
ISBN: 9791129016270
810 page / 188 * 257mm / 1539g

- Donguibogam Part 1 : Intenal Bodily Elemets
- Donguibogam Part 2 : External Bodily Elemets
- Donguibogam Part 3 : Miscellaneous Disorders 1
- Donguibogam Part 4 : PartⅣ- Miscellaneous Disorders 2
- Donguibogam Part 5 : Miscellaneous Disorders3
- Donguibogam Part 6 : Miscellaneous Disorders 4
- Donguibogam Part 7 : Herbs/Acupuncture and Moxibustion

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in English.

About This Book

It is an English translation of "Dongui Bogam" by Heo Jun, the nation's best medical book and UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Dongui Bogam Memorial Project Group of the Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine completed the Dongui Bogam edition in 2013 to mark the 400th anniversary of the publication of "Dongui Bogam."

Table of Contents

PartⅡ _ External Bodily Elements

1. Head 頭 머리
2. Face 面 얼굴
3. Eyes 眼 눈
4. Ears 耳 귀
5. Nose 鼻 코
6. Mouth and Tongue 口舌 입과 혀
7. Teeth 牙齒 이
8. Throat 咽喉 목구멍
9. Neck 頸項 목
10. Back 背 등
11. Chest 胸 가슴
12. Breasts 乳 젖
13. Abdomen 腹 배
14. Umbilicus (Navel) 臍 배꼽
15. Waist and Low Back 腰 허리
16. Flank 脇 옆구리
17. Skin 皮 거죽
18. Flesh 肉 살
19. Pulses 脈 맥
20. Tendons 筋 힘줄
21. Bones 骨 뼈
22. Hands 手 손
23. Feet 足 발
24. Hair 毛髮 터럭
25. Genitals 前陰 전음
26. Anus 後陰 후음

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